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About AIM Group Funeral Shipping Services

We are a mortuary transport company operating. Our mission is dedicated to the careful and professional transportation of dead bodies internationally. Since we opened our services in 2010, we’ve been helping loved ones arrange international funeral transportation compassionately and expertly.

AIM Group Funeral Shipping Services has the equipment, professional staff, and international relationships to successfully handle the repatriation of the remains of those you care about most on their final journey. Whether you’re shipping cremated remains or a casket, we’re here for you to handle the logistics and legal proceedings related to international repatriation.
AIM Group Funeral Shipping Services has close contacts with embassies worldwide, allowing us to effectively aid in shipping cremated remains and other funeral transportation needs. We have relationships with over 900 companies worldwide. This allows us to transport the deceased to and from the United States worldwide.

Our Services:

How to Hire AIM Group for Repatriation and Mortuary Transport
There are a few easy steps involved in working with us for your international funeral transportation and the repatriation of the deceased:
Send an Inquiry

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to start working with AIM Group Funeral Shipping Services. You can also reach us via an international call or WhatsApp.
Receive Your Funeral Transport Information
Once we have received your inquiry, we’ll reply to you via email in most cases. This email contains important information about our repatriation and mortuary transport services and includes an order form. Once the order form is completed and returned, your contracted repatriation services will begin with us.
We Begin Our Work on the Transportation of Dead Bodies and Repatriation Services
Once we have received the order form (separate from the initial inquiry), we will begin handling the transfer of your deceased to the USA or country of choice quickly and professionally.
Our Process for International Repatriation and Shipping Cremated Remains
Once the order form is complete and the necessary documents are provided, we take care of any remaining procedures and documents. Once we have completed these tasks, we’ll get back to you with any documentation, including but not limited to AWB waybill, flight data, and photos.
Lastly, the deceased is delivered to the airport and transferred to a partner forwarding company for transport to a funeral home or final resting place.
Any international airport can accept the transportation of dead bodies. Here are a few of the most popular airports for repatriation:

New York (EEA, JFK, LGA)
California (LAX, SFO)
Florida (MIA)
Nevada (LAS)
Illinois (ORD, MDW, RFD)

What Documents Are Required for Repatriation of a Deceased Person to the United States?

While it may sound like a complicated process, our team of experts easily and compassionately handles the international repatriation of your loved ones. We do most of the heavy lifting regarding shipping cremated remains, urns, or caskets. However, there are a few documents you should be ready to provide:

Copy of the Deceased’s ID or Passport
Contact Information of the Recipient
This will be the contact information of whoever receives the body, such as a funeral director or accompanying person. A name and telephone number are often all that’s required. However, we’ll let you know if additional contact information is required.
Other documentation, such as birth or marriage certificates, are only required for a final death certificate and are not generally needed for the transportation of dead bodies. You may need these documents at other stages of the final burial process, and those can be submitted appropriately after the repatriation process.
What Costs Are Associated With Repatriation of a Deceased Person or Urn to the United States?
Unfortunately, there is no standard price structure for the transportation of dead bodies to the United States. Because we operate in so many countries and offer various international funeral transportation services, we can’t give a broad quote for our service. Here are a few key factors that determine the price of our repatriation services:
The Current Location of the Deceased
Desired Transportation Method
All mortuary transport services vary in price. The most common forms are scheduled flights, shipping via boat, or private jet transportation.
Freight Costs
The weight of the urn, casket, and deceased person all play a factor in determining the final freight costs of shipping cremated remains and caskets.
Other Misc Costs
Other fees may be incurred by local institutions, such as those from clinics, registry offices, cemeteries, forensic medicine offices, and others.
The best way to get a true and accurate estimation of our repatriation services is to contact us via the form at the bottom of our site for a quote.
What Repatriation Services Are Included in Your Quotes?
Our team of repatriation and international funeral transportation experts professionally handle a wide scope of services often required as part of mortuary transport regulations. Our quotes include the following costs:
● Post-mortem fees incurred by hospitals or doctor’s offices
● The collection of the deceased from their current location and subsequent transfer to or from the US.
● Cold room storage as required
● Hygienic care of the deceased person(s)
● Necessary preservation or embalming including optical preparation and basic hygienic care such as clothing (including provided clothing as requested), and lawful coffining.
● Airtight transfer coffin with zinc insert, pillow, and blanket
● Administrative fees associated with flights to or from America
● International death certificate from the associated registry office
● A corpse passport from the Office of Public Order
● Submission of funeral documents to required consulates
● All trips and handling of formalities with local authorities
● Packaging of the coffin or remains compliant with required interment regulations
● Transfer to the airport or other transport provider
● Freight costs associated with the international repatriation and transportation of dead bodies up to body weights of 176 lbs. (80 kg). We can also provide you with the contact information of several trusted funeral directors in the United States.
Please note that our fixed price in the quote will not be reduced if specific services are not used or required.
You may deviate from these services when possible and add additional services for an additional cost. For example, you may opt for a private jet's more private and careful mortuary transportation to remove your mourning process from the public eye.
How Long Does it Take for Funeral Transportation to the US?
In most cases, a transfer without delays will take anywhere between 5-12 business days to arrive stateside.
Don’t worry. We will stay by your side throughout the process to ease the burden and complications of international mortuary transport. Our professional and compassionate staff will keep you updated on all progress in the repatriation of the deceased process. You may also opt out of communication and updates as you prefer. Regardless of your decision, we are at your service from beginning to end with compassionate, competent, and professional international funeral transportation services.
What About the Costs of Repatriation from the USA to Germany?
We are also equipped to handle the repatriation of the deceased from the USA to Germany or other countries. We have many partners in the USA that help us facilitate these transports. Repatriation both to and from any country is typically associated with high costs. Because of this, taking out travel health insurance when traveling abroad is always a good idea. The service requirements and associated costs are similar to repatriation costs to the USA.